Library History:


The Flagler Beach Library was first established in November 1962 by the Flagler Beach Women’s Club.  Isla Kester & the Women’s Club convinced the City of Flagler Beach to give them $350.00 to start a Library.  This money was used to build bookcases in the back of the large room at the Women’s Club on South Central Avenue.

The Boy Scouts collected books from the community and, along with books donated by members, the library was established.  The library was open on Thursday afternoons and the Women's Club members volunteered to operate it.

In 1965, because of a much needed storage room at the Women’s Club, the 4,075 books were transferred to the City of Flagler Beach’s new Municipal building on South 2nd Street .

Several of the Women’s Club members continued to volunteer at the Library.

In February of 1974, the Library was turned over to the City of Flagler Beach and the Women’s Club ended their direct involvement with the Library.  However, the Women’s Club has generously continued to support the Library with donations and many of its ladies continue to be Library members.

The Library was eventually moved to one room of the former Flagler Beach School at South 7th Street . 

In 1984, an 1800 square foot addition was added, which expanded the library to four rooms.  Then again, in 1997 a new reading room was built.

There is a Library Director ,one part-time library assistant and has 12 hardworking volunteers.

It is funded solely through city taxes and, quite importantly, by the generous donations of our wonderful, civic-minded citizens.

Thanks goes to Ruth Young.




Why we Love Flagler Beach

The  Flagler Beach  Library is one of
the last few  remaining  independent libraries in  the State of Florida and it is  City owned  and operated. 

"The library is so quaint . . . . I love
the fact that is it still operating like
an old fashioned, personable place to find books  and I am thrilled to have people who know the books  help me. And they are still  hand-stamping  the books  with the  due  dates  . . . . . I found that so refreshing when I first  moved  here," says new-comer, Susan.

    Local Author
They feature  Book-Signings by local authors living among us. Pictured here is  W.  Richard  Dempsey  as he  signs Fletcher's Lure.

Flagler Beach is the  perfect place to inspire  creativity  and  intellect.

    Group Activities
Enjoy  Flagler's  quiet  side  and
be  sure  to  say  "Hello"  and
"Thank You"  to  Ruth, her assistant and all their helpful volunteers.


Tuesday -        1:00 p. m. to 7:00 p.m.
Wednesday - 10:00 a. m. to 5:00 p. m.
Thursday    - 10:00 a. m. to 5:00 p. m.
Friday        - 10:00 a. m. to 5:00 p. m.
Saturday    - 10:00 a. m. to 2:00 p. m.


Flagler Beach Library has something for everyone of all ages.

Free Public Library

Located at
315 South 7th Street, near the park with it's covered picnic area and the entrance to the tranquil marsh board walk, it provides a lovely setting for reading a good book.

As of this writing, the Library has an inventory of over 25,000 books, many large print books, more than 500 Dvds, 200 or more audio books, lots of puzzles and CD music. 

It carries most of the new bestsellers and
has a large assortment of periodicals
and newspapers to keep you informed. 

Wireless internet is also available to
the public.

          Children Programs

The Library has a weekly Children’s Storytime program for toddlers offering stories, crafts and songs. 

The Florida History Book Club meets monthly to discuss books on Florida history. The Flagler Model Railroad Club also gathers
here for their monthly meetings. 

During the winter months, the library offers monthly orators speaking on a wide variety of current events and historical topics.


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