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The Flagler Beach Library

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. . . .Or about your family-in-the-business history. Sully's Surf Shop

Our customers always like to know with whom they are trading and it helps sales by giving you a competitor's edge.


Include 4-6 photos of yourself/your business. Those photos with your customer's smiling faces are attractive and discussion-worthy. Be sure to tell your customers they will be on the internet and ask them to get feedback from their friends.

Take the best photos you can because we all know one photo is worth a thousand words.

Flagler Beach Wine and Cheese forgot to send his info in!

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Be sure to provide the link to your site so you can be linked from your free Living the Dream page here.Jean-Michel Cousteau and Ocean Publishing


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With this section, we help each other.

To strangers of Flagler Beach, we tell what is so great about living, working or playing in our delightful little beach community.

The Waffle Cone

What makes you feel good about Flagler Beach?

We see good.
We speak good.
We hear good.

We ALL promote our beach and help each other to grow!

We want people to know the benefits to themselves of spending their time and tourism dollars here, in our beach community instead of crossing the bridge where they might find the product or service cheaper but without our delightful atmostphere and feelings offun, health and goodwill.

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Beauty and the Beach Salon

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If you have a Flagler Beach business on the east side of the Intracoastal Waterway which is not yet listed, and would like to see it listed for free on this site, just call Sodi or email the name, address, phone number and category (food, retail, service, etcetera) to Sodi.

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The Island Cottages Spa and Resort


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This column is where you tell about all the wonderful products or service you offer and why we, like-minded beach people, benefit from buying your product or service instead of crossing the bridge.

The Big Easy Cafe

Feel free to brag!

Get very descriptive with loads of glamourous adjectives about your business, products or services.

Can't write a good story?

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